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Old Coach Road, Cross, Axbridge, Somerset, BS26 2EF UK

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We all know how crucial a defibrillator is in saving lives. We need to raise £1,599 – a small sum to save someone’s life. Thank you!

There are many, other ways in which you can help us achieve our goal and make our project a success. Thank you.

The Hub is now open as a cafe and, although we have a full-time manager and chef in charge, it would be wonderful (if you live locally) if you could volunteer some time whenever convenient for you. We will only know exactly what we require as time goes on, but please feel free to contact us now and leave your details and say briefly how and when you might be able to assist.

Our next project after the defibrillator is to purchase a minibus to transport local residents in to the Hub and take them to appointments or for other purposes.

Once we have built the activity centre, we will need volunteers to help run our anticipated activities. We already have quite a few local residents eager to do this, but it would be great to have as many as possible to make sure that we provide a superb service. Again, the activity centre will probably not be finished until well into 2023, but please contact us now with your details and how you might help in this area.

We will soon be embarking on a fund-raising drive to raise extra money for the construction of this activity centre. Please keep an eye out and support us with a donation.

Amazon Smile

If you buy things from Amazon, please do this through It will not cost you any more, and Amazon donate a % of the price of the article to charity. Please make sure that you include
“The Frankie Howerd OBE Trust” as the recipient of Amazon’s donation before you start shopping. Amazon have given around £4m to UK charities so far.

Finally, we are always most grateful to any donation that you feel you can give. This can be a sum of money via our DONATE page, or you could set up a Direct Debit, which would be most beneficial.

However you support us, know that you are helping to build a much-needed Community Hub which will improve the life of hundreds of people in many ways and will be, as our President, Joanna Lumley, said, “A jewel at the heart of the Community”. Thank you so much.