It is with sadness that the Trustees have to report the death of Chris Byrne on September 9th 2017 at the age of 51. Along with Dennis Heymer, Chris was a founder of the Frankie Howerd Trust and served as the Trust’s first chairman.


In 2017 the Trust has plans to embark on an exciting new project which, when fully functional, will provide support to the rural Somerset community in which Frankie and Dennis lived.

The Trust has been given the opportunity to turn an old blacksmith’s shop into a Community Hub.

Situated in a village just a couple of miles down the lane from Frankie’s house, the Hub will provide much needed services to the surrounding villages which have no shops, pubs or bus service.

Once completed the Hub will be run by a full-time manager and volunteers and will provide a shop, cafe, bar, mini-bus service and community room.

One of the Trust’s main aims, through the Hub’s work, will be to help the growing elderly rural population stay in the homes they love, which both Frankie and Dennis were able to do, rather than being forced into towns for their remaining years where they will be strangers.

Watch this space for the latest news on the Frankie Howerd Community Hub’s development.

The project will of course require considerable financial support and if you would like to help in this way then please use the information on the Donations page.

For more details please contact us.